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Syngas Generator Set

POWERMAX Biomass Gas Generator Sets

Powermax biomass gas generator sets are characteristic of high efficiency, low exhaust temperature, simple operation, easy maintenance and stable running. With the function of automatic/manual control, electronic speed control, automatic fault monitoring, automatic shut-down and etc, POWERMAX gas generator may even be operated efficiently in long time under poor working conditions. Power ranges from 50-1200KW. High power output, lower emissions, lower life cycle cost(LCC), flexible gas application.


Deutz Series(50KW-250KW)

160 Series (80KW-150KW)

300 Series (300-500KW)

240 Series (800-1200KW)

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Gas Power Generation Power Plant Chart (CHP/Trigeneration)

"Main Technical Specification of The Biomass Gas/Producer Gas Generating Set(50hz/60hz)"


1.POWERMAX can also supply 220v、240v、6300V、6600V、10500V、11000V、13800V high voltage output Siemens Generator.

2.The fuel gas can also be biomass gas, syngas, producer gas, coke gas and other low BTU gas.



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